The following employees from our team are available to you in the short term and appropriate to the situation:

  • Design engineers
  • Technical draughtsmen
  • Research engineers
  • Production planners
  • Quality engineers
  • Automation employees
  • Project engineers
  • Project managers
  • Mechatronics engineers
  • Technical buyers
  • Development engineers

Your advantage:

  • Low costs
  • No risk
  • Flexibility

Employee Leasing for companies

iw projekt produces machines and equipment for renowned companies worldwide in collaboration with international production companies. Our principle combines German engineering competence and
methodical knowledge for planning and design with the cost advantages of suitable locations in Europe and Asia.

As a result, we know from many years of experience and the exploitation of global opportunities that: Competent and qualified employees and a smoothly functioning team form the basis for a successful project. Wherever they work!

iw projekt developed its Employee Leasing division on this basis.
We guarantee that you can „top up“ your staff with very experienced personnel in the longer term at short notice or that the right employees for your project are available to be hired by you on a temporary basis. We will find exceptional engineers or whole project teams for you, if required we will train them to meet your requirements and integrate them into existing teams.