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For more than a decade, iw-projekt Gmbh have proved to be intelligent, quality-conscious solution developers in mechanical and plant engineering.
The customer-oriented engineering competencies of our qualified experts who work together in close-knit, smoothly-run teams are what satisfies our clients.

Since 2006 iw-projekt GmbH, which has its headquarters in Darmstadt/Germany, has been implementing successful international projects in the field of mechanical and plant engineering with production at economic locations in Europe and Asia, in particular in Turkey.
A major advantage of the configuration mentioned above is reflected in an excellent price-performance ratio. iw-projekt GmbH combines German quality standards in engineering expertise with the cost benefits of international production sites, which is a principle that our customers appreciate and which accompanies our continuous success.
Today, iw-projekt GmbH is an important and reliable partner in Europe and Central Asia for many clients who operate internationally.

In 2010, the company started iw-gussputz GmbH in Aschaffenburg for certified post-casting treatment, casting finishing and logistics, which has since implemented its first automation lines.

iw-steelTEC A.S., a company that specialises in the manufacturing of machinery and plant engineering and has its headquarters in the vibrant, coastal industrial location of Izmir/Turkey, is the third and youngest company in the iw Group.

The idea of a company that offers a comprehensive service to the customer which satisfies the expectations and demands of its customers is the aim of every employee and partner of the iw Group. Our philosophy also encompasses a sustainable and environmentally-conscious handling of goods and resources. The use of innovative technologies strengthens this intention.

Regular staff training, investments in operating equipment, as well as adherence to company and customer quality requirements at every level, pave the way for us being an internationally successful service provider for industrial plants and solutions.

Our Vision:
Through the confidence in our services and the people behind them, we will be the 1st choice for our customers.

  • We act in a customer-oriented way.
  • We manufacture economically whilst also taking environmental conditions into consideration.
  • We communicate openly and honestly – at the shortest response times possible.
  • We act reliably and create trust.
  • We challenge and encourage qualified employees.

Our engineers and technicians have the relevant 
specialisations and experience to swiftly and competently lead your project or plan to success.
Years of experience and state-of-the-art design and manufacturing methods ensure 
that your project is implemented in accordance with specifications in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Take advantage of our offer to perform in a flexible and economical way in the short term – or ensure your success in the long term with our competent support.
We support you in the technical and economic planning, accompany you throughout the design and manufacturing right up to the handover and are on hand to answer any questions, offer advice and provide assistance.

People at iw-projekt